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We create good problems.

We are your partner in helping you increase your business’ brand visibility and exposure to its website through online search. By elevating your exposure, a waterfall of events begin to happen: increased leads, increased revenue, increased sales, exceeding growth goals and more. This inevitably leads to more problems in your company: staff has less down-time, you’re forced to grow, must hire more employees, and you have enough money to take a vacation. Not bad problems to have.

We work for you.

By joining with us, you are guaranteed to get first-class treatment and results. Our customers love our worry-free agreements, they’re not bound by year-long contracts. We create daily reports with ranking details and keep you informed of relevant industry news important to your website’s health and increasing revenue for your business. All work is done in house and never out-sourced. If you have a question, we can answer it and address it immediately.


Here are some of our latest projects

AC Auto Repair Website re-design

AC Auto Repair had been a long time client of YP.com and saw little to no results from their website and had a dismal online presence. We were able to create a fantastic and informative website as well as optimize each page to show up for relevant searches.

Pura Vida Social Media Marketing, SEO & Website re-design

Pura Vida Jiu-Jitsu & MMA has top-level fighters and trainers and wanted a website that performed as hard as they did. We were able to build a fantastic site, dramatically increase their website ranking for multiple search terms, as well as create and manage Facebook ads to target specific UW-Milwaukee Students and feature their self-defense classes.

Hand Maid Cleaning Service SEO & Website design

Hand Maid Cleaning Service came to us because they knew their business needed to get with the times and digital age. Along with expanding their website’s presence in their service area and creating a mobile-friendly website, we were able to feature each of their wonderful services with specific pages.

Signs that you’re ready to grow your business:



People research online before they spend their hard-earned money. Rarely do they research past the first page of google. If you’re not showing up at the top of Google for the words they’re searching with, you are loosing Tens of Thousands of Dollars each month.

You Want Better Clients

You Want Better Clients

Groupon. Coupon Shoppers. Words that make your eyes roll. You hate giving away your talents for less than they’re worth. The client who pays you the least is the worst and those who pay you the most are the best. So why are you selling yourself short to attract poor clients? Invest in your web presence.

You Want More Exposure.

You Want More Exposure.

Looking to launch a new product or service? Maybe you’re wanting to expand into a new service area or open a new store location. Our Search Engine Marketing attracts more clients to your new or existing services. Your next client can be only a click away.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

– Steve Jobs

Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is simply too important to skimp on.

When searching for a good services provider, keep the following 10 tips in mind.

1. Look for outstanding customer service. No matter how good the SEO services are, a company isn’t of much value to you if they don’t provide exceptional customer service. Search online until you find solid information about CS in detailed reviews.

2. Demand complete access to analytics, offers and services, 24/7. The company you hire should be able to get in touch with you in order to keep you apprised of any ongoing offers, as well as to provide you with continuous updates pertaining to your website’s performance.

3. Fast response times. Since time is money, you want answers as quickly as possible. Make sure any SEO services provider you consider is prompt in returning detailed answers to any questions. If you test them out and it takes more than a few days to hear back, scratch them off your list of potential companies to hire.

4. Find a company that services all size companies. If you’re a small outfit, you don’t want to be treated with any less efficiency than a major corporation. See that your future SEO services provider is responsive and successful with every sized company.

5. Keyword management must be a priority. Your website will live or die based on your use of keywords, thus, the service company you team up with must be industry leaders in keyword optimization.

6. Make sure they will improve or maintain your rank. If you’re already on top in Google, good, but you need to stay there. On the other hand, if you’re climbing your way up the ranks, you need a partner who knows how to help you get to the top faster.

7. Get competitive pricing. While you don’t want to be reaching in the bottom of the barrel in terms of the price you pay for services (because you’ll end up with bottom of the barrel results for your website), you don’t want to be paying outrageous fees. Look around and compare pricing across different SEO outfits and keep the price within an acceptable range.

8. You need a solid linking strategy. Links are too important to compromise on, so make certain you’re getting the best strategy with the package you purchase. You want all types of links covered, inbound and outbound, and you need to make sure the strategy covering links is on the up-and-up with Google’s Terms of Service.

9. Room to grow. Don’t be locked into a particular program that won’t allow room for expansion and diversification once your site takes off. Alternatively, if you decide you want to scale back on the services you are provided, that should also be a viable option. Read the fine print before entering into any agreement so that all your options remain open moving forward.

10. Seek out a well-connected organization. While an all-in-one service would be nice, there are too many things your site may need to get it all from one source. If your SEO services company can’t provide everything you need, ask who they recommend and if going with their recommendations will earn you any discounts.

If you skimp on your SEO services, you’re bound to pay the price, one way or another. Look for an outstanding company that provides you with exceptional service, so you can leverage your talents on other aspects of the business.