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What is Social Wi-Fi?

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Let your customers easily connect via social media.

Connect with any device: phones, tablets or computers!

Build email lists, get more likes, share coupons & offers, etc.

Start building your community while increasing revenue today!

Market and reach new prospect the easy way.

Effectively market to find new customers.

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Have your Wi-Fi work for you and begin to add value to your business.


Turning your physical space into a competitive advantage.

You are the owner of your venue and you have 2 spaces that you’re going to engage the customers – a physical space and an online space.You’re job as the owner is to engage the customer in both spaces and give them the best experience you can.

In the physical space, you provide a way where your own customers can interact with your offering and their staff – A high engagement but also a high overhead – you know you need to maximize your ROI.

When you look at the online space, it really provides a lot of risk for you because your customer can move to Amazon and purchase your product there versus being in your physical store.

And let’s be honest, people move in to the online world because it’s more convenient for them and they feel they may get more information about their product and purchase. So it may provide a better experience than the physical space.

But let’s not forget, that physical space isn’t going away and right now, you don’t have the intelligence instances as you have in the online world. And if you can have a cost effective way to highly engage your clients and give them a better customer experience in that space while being better than your competitors, you will succeed.

You can give your customers a rich connection, not just Wi-Fi. You can give them immediate, personalized interaction from the moment they walk through your doors until they leave by giving them convenient access to information with your employees and with the online engagement tools. And secondly, give you as the owner can give them a more intelligent venue, intelligent space where you can understand your customers, who they are and how they’re behaving.

And you can do this in real time and not just at the end when they check out with their loyalty card, after the fact. And when you have this information in real time, you have a way to engage with them in a precise way that you have never done before. And when you do that you are going to increase revenue, increase customer experience, and you’re going to optimize operations.

This the purple intelligence space’s vision and we’ll help you with the challenges. We’ll not only provide you with an intelligent space, but a rich customer experience, and we’ll bring you the statistics of Google Analytics into the real world space of your venue.

You’re going to get more money if you can increase the frequency of their visit and increase the spend while they’re there.

A happy customer will come more often,an engaged customer will spend more while they’re there.

License Options


Many establishments offer free WiFi

For different reasons:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Keep them happy and to stay longer
  • And maybe…because everyone else is doing it.

But, let’s face it.

Free WiFi Stinks!

  • Complicated passwords
  • Slow connections
  • Worst of all you, the business owner, get nothing in return.

But all this is about to change:

Social Powered Wi-Fi hotspots.

It’s still the free Wi-Fi your customers expect, but without the hassles and lack of results. It’s now possible for customers to simply connect with your free Wi-Fi service using their favorite social media account. Once they’ve logged in with just a few clicks, you will, be able to get their social media details, email addresses, and more, allowing you to build long-lasting and valuable relationships beyond a single visit.

Now, you can send your customers mobile coupons, exclusive offers, email newsletters, and timely promotions long after they have visited your store.

Grow your business and keep your customers happy with the new magical way to offer free Wi-Fi.



Garrett Pfarr

Purple Authorized Reseller


How much does this cost?

There are several packages with add-on features available (see feature list image above) and you can upgrade any time. Licenses are provided per router device – so if you have 3 routers throughout your venue, you would need three licenses. Each device can have it’s own package or level of service. While being the most affordable service on the market while incredibly feature rich, we offer more savings when you choose a 3-year (1 year free) or 5-year (2 years free) agreement. You must pay in full when you sign up for the service.
If your router is not compatible, you are able to connect our proprietary Wi-Fi hotspot device ($133.50). The hotspot devices come pre-installed with our firmware and is ready to plug into your existing broadband router and activate online.
Pricing – One Year Agreement, per license
Foundation: $153.00
Enhanced: $459.00
Content Filtering Add-on: $153.00
Location Services Add-on: $192.10
Pricing – Three Year Agreement, per license
Foundation: $306.00
Enhanced: $918.00
Content Filtering Add-on: $306.00
Location Services Add-on: $382.50
Pricing – Five Year Agreement, per license
Foundation: $459.00
Enhanced: $1377.00
Content Filtering Add-on: $459.00
Location Services Add-on: $574.60

I'm a new business or don't have a big social media following, which package should I choose?

Regardless of which package you start out with, the system is always collecting your users’ data. So, if you don’t have a large budget or a social media presence, you should begin with the Foundation Package. This way you still get all of the social media building features and benefits of Social Wi-Fi without having to pay for the marketing, analytics or location services. When you’re ready to upgrade and utilize all of the amazing features, you can have access to the data previously collected and  we can always help teach and train you how to build campaigns or you can hire us to create a marketing plan to grow your business.

What if I'm out of state or in a different country?

Our Social WiFi will work in any country.

Does this only work with social media channels?

Social Wi-Fi allows your customers to use your internet connection ‘wirelessly’ and for no monetary fee. In order to access your wireless connection, they must sign-in via their chosen social network website such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or by completing a form. In doing so you’re able to capture details of your customers and with their permission, promote your business to all their online friends.

Can it work in multiple venues and different geographical locations?

Absolutely!  It doesn’t matter how many public WiFi hotspots you have or where they’re geographically located. Simply install our hardware at as many or all of your venues to create a network that allows you a broader database for targeted marketing or to cross-promote your businesses. It’s like having your own, custom on-demand advertising network. There are lots of ways to generate new revenue too!

Do I need a new router?

No, our proprietary device is compatible with existing hardware using a single LAN port. For $133.50, we provide a Hotspot devices that comes pre-installed with our firmware, and is ready to plug into your existing broadband router and activate online.

If you aren’t happy with your current Wi-Fi speed or signal, we can help recommend a new router that you will own.


Marketing and ROI?

Customers become Facebook fans while sharing with their friends and increasing your visibility. The true return is based on how well you promote with customers and if your campaigns keep them engaged.  Our WiFi marketing platform has a full range of graphs and analytics providing you marketing insights.  Combine these marketing efforts with an effective social media strategy, you’re sure to dominate!

Can this work with 3G or 4G/LTE mobile hotspots?

Yes!  As long as your hotspot has ethernet ports – we are working on an alternative solution (coming soon!).  Although 3MB is adequate, we recommend an internet connection of at least 5MB down and 5MB up for a fast stable connection.

Can I sell ad space to monetize my Wi-Fi?

Definitely as this is a great way to monetize WIFI! Publish co-partner or sponsor brand marketing campaigns.  Our system was designed and manages a large ad server to load specific advertisements on your hotspot network.  Unlike traditional hotspots, our system displays real-time metrics such as recency, frequency, duration and other demographics based on the Facebook Social Graph.

Can I see how many customers are actually using my Wi-Fi?

Yes, you have access to our analytics dashboard.

Depending on the package you have chosen, you can view a selection of reports and data based on the number of users you have had over any given period of time. You’ll also find a number of other very useful marketing tools, depending on the package you have subscribed to. An overview of the packages can be found here.

Will my personal internet be secure?

Yes, we separate your personal and business internet connection from the connection provided for customers over Social WiFi, so it’s completely secure and protected.

Does this meet with the current legal requirements for providing a WiFi hotspot?

All packages comply with the current laws and guidelines for providing a public WiFi hotspot. You will also find additional security and content filtering included with our Premium package.For more information, read our blog about the legal requirements of providing a public WiFi hotspot.

My business has multiple venues. Can I install Social Wi-Fi in all my venues?

Yes, you can install this at as many of your business venues as you like. What’s more, you can view reports and data for your business as a whole, or by specific venues.

If I have more than one access point, does this affect the service I need to buy?

If you have more than one access point you will need to either buy a Purple WiFi router or download the appropriate software for the routers you are already using, for each access point. Here is a list of the routers we currently support. Instructions for downloading the Purple WiFi software can be found in the Purple Portal. Should you have any further queries, please contact support.

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