Take A Brief Look At The History Of Search Engine Optimization

What do you know about the history of search engines and search engine optimization or SEO? A favorite show of mine talks about building ‘the machine,’ and the show is essentially all about computers, specifically search engines that get smarter and smarter. If you haven’t noticed the search engines getting smarter, then you’re not paying attention to them enough. It’s quite an eye opener, but hey, that’s the future of SEO not the history of SEO.

history-of-seoSearch engine optimization has seen so many changes over the years. Do you remember when sites used to be able to easily get away with keyword stuffing? That caused content on the web to suffer in many ways, but it’s the Internet, not the newspaper. In other words, it survived, and thrived in fact. SEO started well before then, but this was an interesting point in its history.

For one, this led everyone to putting more and more content on the web. Content was king, but content became much cheaper. However, it also became a business. Additionally, SEO became a big business as well. Two major changes that have come about in recent years is the importance of back links and local SEO. There is also a race to try to figure out how to get placed in direct answer search results.

While SEO may not have been the focus back then that it is now, you can say it began when the Internet began. My sister was telling me one day about how she used to search out topics on the Internet, and you could get to the end of the search results. Nowadays, there are always millions of search results available. Of course, people use the Internet more these days for just about everything, but it’s safe to say that SEO is more important than ever.

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